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This is the first of a 14 part series on Aliyah. View on Youtube to see the playlist

This is the first of a series on One New Man. View on Youtube to see the playlist.


  • To The Jew First: The Formation of One New Man

    To The Jew First: The Formation of One New Man

    The title of this book, “To the Jew First” may appear unsettling. To single out any group as somehow “first” and therefore special, grates against our assurance that no matter our background or status we are special too. From Sunday school on we are taught, “Jesus loves me, this I know” the most basic truth of our relationship with God. The fact that Jesus loves me unconditionally as an individual removes any ethnic, racial, or economic privilege for any group of people.
    And yet, in one of the most cherished and important books in the Bible, Paul begins his letter to the church in Rome by proclaiming the gospel is first to Jews and then to Gentiles (Romans 1:16). How are we to understand a priority distinction for Jews when Jesus himself told us he came to give his life because, “God so loved the world…”

  • I will Install My King

    I will Install My King

    Yeshua is God’s appointed king. The angel Gabriel proclaimed, “He will reign over the House of Jacob forever” (Luke 1:33). Yeshua is Israel’s eternal ruler but His rule extends beyond Israel to all the nations of the world. As Daniel saw in his vision of heavens throne room, “And to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him” (Dan. 7:14).

    In God’s appointed order, God’s eternal king is also a priest forever. Because he offered himself in priestly service, Yeshua restored His father’s creation mandate for all humanity to rule over the planet. Yeshua is God’s appointed ruler but wonder of wonders, he will share his rule with us.

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  • Return to Me

    Return to Me

    The return of the Jewish people is the great prophetic and historical narrative of the Hebrew Scriptures, but the pattern of return, though clearly and centrally displayed by the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel extends beyond geographic borders to the very heart of God and the destiny of humanity. The story of return is woven into the folklore and mythology of just about every culture. It is the theme of great literature, popular movies, and television. It is a truth we all recognize, that echoes deep into the human condition.

    Return to Me explores the theme of return through the life of the Patriarchs, the nation of Israel and ultimately all humanity. The story of the Bible can be understood as the Heavenly father’s plan to bring His banished children home; “to gather into one the children of God who are scattered abroad.” (John 11:52)

    Marty Shoub is an itinerant Bible teacher serving as a director with Return Ministries and the Canadian representative of Tikkun Ministries International. He is the author of “To the Jew First: The Formation of One New Man,” and “I have installed My King.”

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