Welcome to my charitable giving page. 

My Story: I am a maker. I create in people through creativity. I broker Joy, and Hope, and Peace through visual art, speaking, writing, and simply showing up in your life. You have been invited to donate so that I can continue to encourage people's hearts and lives through programming, on-line creating, and personal care of our community.  Some of you donate because you know that my life is committed to making a difference in yours and in others, for Good. 

Why Donate: Did CreateGOOD make a difference in your life in 2020?  Did you receive any joy, or peace or hope, or encouragement watching me create "live" online for you? Did you receive our free art prescriptions or screen savers or digital files? Did you enjoy our singing on the porch segments in the second quarter of 2020? Or perhaps you have read some of my writing and you have asked me to get a coffee table book written, or, perhaps you want me to continue to create educational programming for schools and community galleries. 

Why A.C.T. Canada Inc? Yes, I serve in a Christian charity, as they care for my heart, and the fiduciary responsibility to provide receipts and direct your donations so that I am accountable for what is donated. 100% of your donations are being used to support community creating, such as "Paint with Patty", CreativeSpa online, and Bliss Break, among others. If you want to direct your funds to a specific portion of the care CreateGOOD does, please do let me know. We may not share the same faith, yet we share a love for our community, or you know, that no matter what our similarities or differences are, you know that my heart is for you and I love to serve all people.

Know this, that I partner whenever possible, with existing community-based organizations, whether schools, galleries, municipalities, or faith-based service providers.

Finally:  Will you join me to CreateGOOD in 2021 and beyond?  I want to load my paintbrush with the power of your hand. One of my favourite Hebrew words is the word Yad -- one of many words for hand -- this one means the wealth, the power, and the purpose or intentionality of the hand. When you join the strength of your hand with mine, we create good together. I long to know that I can say yes, and plan to do good things for our community--because you put your hand in mine.

Thank you for partnering for good through my charitable work.


Patty Bowman Kingsley

CreateGOOD charity department

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